Quality Control

   Our mould products include complete set of automobile moulds (integrated instrument panel, rear and front bump frames, decorated board, door shield and rear view mirror assembly etc.), household appliances (television, washer, fridge and air-conditioner, etc.); whole plastic shell for motorcycles, turnover box mould, large size hollow container mould, die mould and test tools, etc. 
  Our aerospace parts products include airplane tool equipment (e.g. composite material forming die, stretching die, pull curving mould, tire mould, rubber mould, stamping die and testing mould, etc.), clamp apparatus and aerospace parts. Among them, design and production of the large scale steel panel frame style composite material forming mould are top level in China. Also, we have a set of mature processing technics for special airplane materials such as titanium alloy, INVAR and 30CrMnSiA, etc. 

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